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Indulge in romance and comfort at our Couple Room – a haven designed for intimate retreats. Featuring a cozy queen-sized bed, a private balcony for romantic moments, and a tastefully decorated space, our Couple Room offers the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility. Enjoy modern amenities, ensuite facilities, and personalized touches that set the stage for a memorable escape. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a romantic getaway, our Couple Room promises an enchanting experience for two. Book your stay and create cherished moments at our intimate oasis.


Attached Balcony:

Private Balcony: An attached balcony for the exclusive use of the couple.

Pool View: While the balcony doesn't offer a specific view, it provides a personal outdoor space for relaxation.

Suitable for Couples:

Intimate Setting: The room is designed to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere suitable for couples.

Privacy: Ensures a private and romantic ambiance for couples looking for a retreat.

This couple room with a queen bed and complimentary facilities caters to the comfort and privacy of couples, providing a relaxing and intimate space for their stay.


Family Room with 3 Beds:

Joined Beds: Three beds joined together for flexibility, providing a versatile sleeping arrangement. Guests can choose to keep them together for a shared space or split them into three separate beds as per their needs.

Spacious Accommodation: The room offers ample space to accommodate families comfortably.

Complimentary Facilities:

TataSky & A.C.: Enjoy a variety of channels with TataSky on a 32'' LED TV. Keep the room cool and comfortable with the provided air conditioning.

Entertainment for All: The room is equipped with a modern LED TV for family entertainment.


Attached Bath:

Western Fittings: The attached bathroom features modern western-style fittings, ensuring convenience for the entire family.

Family-Friendly: The design of the bathroom is suitable for families, providing a convenient space for everyone.

Suitable for Families with Children:

Child-Friendly: The room is designed with families in mind, making it suitable for parents with children.

Comfortable Stay: Ensures a comfortable and family-friendly stay with the provided amenities and layout.